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 Qualify vs Afford =
 Getting in debt vs building equity

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Basic Requirements for buying your Dream Home
Have a 580+ middle FICA score
Document you have 3.5% of your own money to be credited towards down-payment
Have reasonable debt to income ratios - everyone is unique to themselves
Seller paid closing costs - the myth owning a home is expensive is just that - a myth
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Items that will be required for loan application:

Two most recent signed Federal Income Tax returns
Two most recent bank statements - all pages
Two most recent paycheck stubs             
Copy of drivers license/ social security card              
Signed BK discharge documents


Seller Services

Take advantage of our $400 flat fee listing program

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Perception of value creates value = perceived value equals deal - daal = potential offers

When a prospective identified buyer believes your home is the best deal on the market WALA

Is your home priced  to attract buyers. Priced right eliminates potential price reductions and lost buyers

Learn about our $400  flat fee listing program

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Gary Holleman
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