Buyer Services

 Learn what you can "Afford" not what the bank says you 
Qualify for - the difference will affect your families quality of life

 FREE home consultation on how to build equity in your home 

Items that will be required for loan application:
Two most recent signed Federal Income Tax returns & bank statements - all pages
three most recent paycheck stubs             most recent asset statement - complete printout
copy of drivers license/ social security card                            Signed BK discharge documents

Get PRE APPROVED - will help buy your home at a lower price
FREE Expanded MLS Access with daily updates sent directly to your email
  • Understand the good and bad, short and long term ramifications of your decisions
  • AFFORD  vs QUALIFING? - know the difference - this is the biggest mistake buyers make

Seller's services

Learn about our $400 flat fee listing on the MLS

 FREE analysis's of the best way to use the equity from your home

FREE analysis of your homes value- real  & perceived value
A properly priced home sells
Perception of value is what creates value
Proper Staging helps  create perception of value
Determine perception of value by viewing your competition with your agent
Is your agent/ agency putting YOU first ? If not , why not, your the most important
MLS portal set up to provide you with undated data of all data including new listings
Have a plan in place on how to use the equity from the sale of your home to ensure the  equity benefits you when purchasing your next home. 


Learn about our $400
Flat Fee program which
markets your home 
on the MLS

Learn about what makes
a home Affordable done
in a manner that makes
sense and keeps you out 
of financial trouble

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Gary Holleman  ABR BPOR PSA
Gary Holleman ABR BPOR PSA
Principal Managing Broker